still waters    oil on board  20x20cm  SOLD

pennine farmstead. beaker pot with berries  oil on canvas  40x40cm

stone dreams. outlier and waxwing with berries   oil on canvas   30x30cm

field barn with bluetit  oil on canvas   30x30cm

dusk. beaker pot with berries   oil on canvas   40x40cm

bank barn at gaisgill. blackbird singing   oil on canvas   30x30cm  SOLD

bank barn and brids - dreaming in eden  oil on canvas   50x70cm  SOLD

 WEB wind chillwlind chill   oil on canvas   30x30cm






 WEB suzanne stuart davies shallows oil on canvas 30x30cm 160 Copyshallows    oil on canvas    30x30cm


starting out - on a day of no particular importance  oil on canvas   30x30cm  SOLD