leaving kendal 8 the moor road oil on canvas


I am a painter. Observation combines with memory and imagination and is shaped and influenced by poetry, history, philosophy and the work of other artists and writers.  Notebooks and photographs, drawings and studies are important and these are exhibited alongside finished work.

Art is primarily abstraction from reality. I move between ‘representational’ – which has easily recognisable elements – into ways of working in which a certain obscurity of image may have the effect of heightening the response of the spectator to the qualities of colour, pattern and texture.

A slow, meditative approach in 2015 resulted in a new body of work based on a winter theme ‘Frost & Fire’. A combination of perceived and remembered images and ideas inform this work, a series of paintings in oil on board and canvas, collages, monoprints, drawings and watercolours shown recently at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries.

CURRENT WORK: An exhibition is planned for 2017 at Threave Garden Visitor Centre, in which the coastal paths and estate walks managed by National Trust for Scotland will form the basis of the series of paintings to be displayed. 

SPRING FLING 2016: Spring Fling is now part of the new South West Scotland artists' association, 'Upland'. Spring Fling weekend this year was 28 - 30 May.

WINTER KNITTING Colours and patterns based on the Fair Isle and Shetland traditions, using Shetland 2ply wool in two colour rows, are adapted and may refer to ongoing themes in my work as a painter.