xmelmerby fell hares tail cotton grass

Melmerby Fell, hare's tail cotton grass    digital image [ watercolour & photograph ]

This year has been different for everyone. I had planned to visit Islay in June but instead have been limited to local forays. Spring Fling weekend should have been spent in Galloway.

One exhibition has gone ahead, at The Hive in Nenthead, high in the Pennines on the eastern edge of Cumbria. Visits to the area and initial drawings and photographs were made in 2019 and have continued since lockdown eased. I made watercolour studies and combined them with photographs of plants and flowers I saw on my local walks in Westmorland, to make digital images as the basis of further work.

The Nenthead series progressed slowly. Letting oil dry, working across a number of canvases at once, standing back, making changes, adding and removing colour, mixing paint and spreading it with knives and brushes.The paintings can be seen as entities in themselves but become part of a group, have a synergy, a theme, reflect the place and the time they were made.