tilberthwaite slate3

slate circles catching and turning in the light at Tilberthwaite

tilberthwaite slate1

by the old slate quarries at Tilberthwaite, near Coniston, slate circles in the fold walls catch the light as it turns

river stone thought2

river stone thought at Deadman Gill

river stone thought1

the fold at Deadman Gill on the Middleton in Teesdale road 

river stone thought3

above the village of Brough, on the wild road to Middleston in Teesdale, an unassuming fold by Deadman Gill has river stone thoughts...

red gill washfold

climbing cautley spout and walking red gill to the fold with the corner cone

raisbeck pinfold and cone

finding the cone in the fold at raisbeck

melmerby beck and washfold

the fold by mungrisedale beck

crosbyravensworth cone

crosby ravensworth cone

cone within the fold at Crosby Ravensworth